Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Domain names are important from more than one point of view. In the first place, they are important for branding, and in this respect they have to be short and memorable, so people can remember them easily. In the second place, domain names are important for SEO. Many SEO experts say that it is important to have your main keyword in the domain name. I don’t want to argue that, but I believe it also works without it, if you build enough anchored links pointing to your website.

Experts in internet marketing also say that old domains are much better than new ones in terms of ranking high in Google for desired keywords. So, buying expired domains can give you an advantage and help you avoid the Google sandbox.

Network Solutions came up with a tool which helps you find expired domains which contain your desired keywords in the name. This is easy to do:

  1. On the Network Solutions website, you create an RSS feed for expired domains containing your keyword. You can filter the results: with or without hyphens, with or without numbers, how much time ago they expired or in how many days they are going to expire, what extensions to have.
  2. Then you subscribe to the feed in your RSS reader, and you’ll get a list of all matching domain names.
  3. By clicking a domain name in your feed, you’ll be taken to another website, where you can bid to buy that domain name.

The RSS feed you’ve created will be updated each time a new expiring domain matches your filters.