Last Updated on April 20, 2020


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Do you know what does a blogger after one year of blogging? Have your choice:

  • A. Makes money online
  • B. Sells the blog and goes on vacation
  • C. Launches a second blog
  • D. Anything else

I’ve asked myself that question, and you can find my answer in the following lines.

After almost two years of All Tips And Tricks, time has come for a little focus. I have written about so many things, from garage doors, hair removal, or chiropractic software, to blogging, happiness, friendship or success.

The new project Diana and I are launching today is EzMoneyOn.Net. As you can guess, it is a blog about making money online.

Why have we decided to step in this extremely crowded, almost suffocating area of the blogosphere? Just because we have something to say, and we think we might have one of the missing pieces of this puzzle:

  • Everybody talks about optimizing your AdSense ads, but how many actually tell you how to do it step by step?
  • We hear a lot of “get free traffic for your blog”. How many people actually speak from experience and illustrate their saying with case studies?
  • Every other blog about making money online tells about joining affiliate programs, because they have a great potential. How many actually tell you about their experience with various affiliate networks, so you can tell the truth from scam?

Please don’t get me wrong: there are several excellent blogs about making money online and internet marketing out there. I boosted my creativity by reading InspirationBit, DavidAirey or Fresh Perspectives. This is to name only a few of the people who taught me something about the online life.

There’s not much left to say than “please come and see, and subscribe, if you like what you see”. Tutorials, case studies and reviews, all related to making money online, all written from the perspective of the ones who tried those methods and who managed or failed in making them work. Only on EzMoneyOn.Net. Everybody’s welcome.