Last Updated on April 20, 2020

How much do you care about your feet? Some of us care more, some others care less… nevertheless, there are people who care about all the feet in the world. I’ll introduce to you some of those people and their inventions:

1. Brightfeet Lighted Slippers

How many times did you kick your toes at night, heading to the bathroom? Especially if you have pets or kids, your floor can turn into a real danger by dark, with all those toys spread all over.

lighted slippersAn American, Doug Vick, put an end to this nightmare. He created the “Brightfeet Lighted Slippers”, the slippers which get lit when you wear them. They have weight sensors on the sole and on the tips, which activate the light sensors. The light sensors switch on the LEDs when it gets dark, making the slippers to light at up to 25 feet in front of you. After removing the slippers, a built-in timer delays LED shut-off to allow time to see your way safely back to bed.
The lighted slippers are powered by replaceable lithium batteries, and they have comfortable, non skid soles.
You can see them at work, and even order a pair for yourself on Doug’s website (this is not an affiliate link, I just liked the product and I wanted to tell you about it).

slippers flashlightIf you don’t feel like buying the above invention, you can make yourself a pair of flashlight slippers at home, by following these simple steps.

2. Next Generation – Slipper Warmers

LAISE WALTER and MATTHEW VAUGHAN invented the Willington Warmers, microwavable sleepers. This is how they describe their idea:

BLAISE WALTER: Yeah, so we decided to put wheat inside. Most slippers have rubber soles, and they melt in microwaves, so we had to make them detachable so they would actually not melt the soles.

MATTHEW VAUGHAN: Well, we first started with an oven glove. And we cut the top of the oven glove off and put the wheat in it inside little sock tights. Then we put them inside the nose of the oven mitt and just sewed up the oven mitt. We just detached the wheat bags off the microwavable slippers and then put them in the microwave for about 10 to 20 seconds, and then they’re ready and you just put them back onto the velcro. They feel really cosy and toasty…

You can watch a video of the slipper warmers here.

3. Mop Flops Cleaning Slippers

Cleaning your floors can be a difficult and never-ending, especially if you have kids and/or pets. Gaile Spalione invented the solution for turning your feet into powerful scrubbing and cleaning tools: the Mop Flops.

mopflopsMop Flops are absorbent cleaning slippers which enable the user to walk on wet surfaces as in freshly mopped floors as well as to spot clean floors. There are to be worn while mopping or working in the kitchen (or the bath room) to use the weight of your body to rub out stubborn spots, dry a wet floor or just sop up drips and spills.

If you want more details, you can visit the Mop Flops website.

4. Vacuum shoes
vacuum shoesT3 Magazine presents the vacuum shoes from Electrolux. They are still in the concept stage, and they look a bit odd, but maybe they will launch the new fashion in house cleaning.

5. Silken Bay Slippers – a treat for your feet

Les Jones of Columbus, OH, has created new and improved slippers that provide superior comfort as well as therapeutic benefits to the wearer. At least this is what he claims. While his invention is still “patent pending”, you can find here an excerpt from a press release of the inventor:

Silken Bay Slippers are unique because they allow the wearer to select three different types of comfort and massage. A full-length pocket between the insole and the sole of the slipper holds one of three inserts. The inserts are filled with different substances to provide varying sensations when the wearer walks; one is for pillow-soft comfort, one for subtle stimulation, and one for more intense stimulation.

How useful do you think these inventions are? Would you like to have any of them? Anyway, isn’t it nice that so many people are concerned with our feet well-being?