Last Updated on April 20, 2020

I hear many people saying that cauliflower has no taste, regardless the way you cook it. Well, I strongly disagree with this. I’m a big fan of cauliflower and I’m sure those guys don’t know how to cook it. Properly cooked, it is a delicious course.

I’ll show you now how to prepare my favourite recipe: baked cheese cauliflower

Ingredients: one big cauliflower, 6 eggs, ½ kilo of cheese (it can either be salty or not, depending on your taste; I prefer it a bit salty), 100g sour cream, 50g butter, salt, pepper, oregano.

Procedure: Wash thoroughly the cauliflower and separate it into small bouquets. Put the cauliflower bouquets in boiling water and leave them for 2 minutes. Throw away the water, take the cauliflower pieces and place them in a Jena recipient (thermo resistant glass) which was previously lined with butter all over the inside surface.
Grate the cheese and mix it with 4 eggs, salt, pepper and oregano (or whatever flavours you like most). Pour the mix over the cauliflower bouquets. It should cover them almost completely. Take the two remaining eggs and mix them very well with the sour cream, salt and pepper. Pour the mixture over the cauliflower. This will form a very nice, roast crust, on the top of the dish.
Cover the dish with a lid and put it in the hot oven for about 45 minutes, with the fire set to minimum. Check it after the first 30 minutes, to make sure that you will not burn it (as I can’t set the temperature in my oven, I don’t know how to explain what minimum means).
When ready, take it out, cut it in big slices and serve hot, with additional soy sauce.
If you want to try, it can be served also cold, with sour cream on top.

Bon appetit!

Tip: you can replace the sour cream with yogurt, for a lighter version