Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Losing weight is one New Year resolution which is very common. Too bad most people forget about it as early as by mid January. They don’t remember they’ve committed to cook and eat only healthy recipes, that they promised not to touch fast-food again and to cut on those sweets.

Weight is a common issue today. More and more people are overweight, despite the thousands of diets we hear about or we try. There is a problem with these diets: you keep them, you lose the weight, then you go back to your eating habits and gain even more than before. You go on diet again… lose weight… gain it back…. this was called the yo-yo effect. I don’t know why it goes like that each time somebody tries to lose weight fast.

I lost some weight two years ago and I did not gain it back. These are the rules that I followed, which became in fact my new eating habits:

1. Very first thing in the morning, drink a glass of fresh orange juice, without eating anything yet. The juice will cut your hunger for some two hours or so

2. About 1/2 – 1 hour after the juice, eat a fruit salad for breakfast

3. Lunch – have it normally

4. Don’t eat fruits after the lunch – wait some 2 hours, then you can have a fruit if you feel the need

5. The dinner should be taken about min. 2 hours before bedtime

6. Make sure that you eat lots of fresh vegetables – they are very nourishing and leave smaller room for other food choices

7. Drink water – about 2 l per day

8. Avoid alcohol consumption

The results should be seen in about two weeks. At least, it works fine for me. Nevertheless, you should always seek for healthy weight loss methods.