Last Updated on April 20, 2020

At first, let’s give it a definition. I would define personal development as the work of a lifetime dedicated to improve ourselves from a reference status to a desired one, comprising all facets of life: family, social, career, personal. People are created for evolution. Evolution can translate into a healthier life, a more attractive body, better intellectual abilities, better emotional control, more sex-appeal, more money, bigger house, a better car, a better job, smarter children and so on.
What about getting more votes for your posts in social bookmarking websites? Is this evolution? Can this be an objective for personal development?
Of course it can! Yes, personal development is not about forcing yourself to learn things or to please others, but it is also about having fun and enjoying the path towards your objectives. This is the key word here: objectives. In other words, it is necessary to know where you are now, where do you want to be and how can you get there. Once these established, you have to stay focused and do what you planned for reaching them. How do you know when you got there? Well, from time to time, you have to measure the progress, compare it with your objective, fine-tune your activities (or dramatically change the way of action) and move on again. If your objective is, let’s say, to have a post listed on the first page of a website, reaching it gives you reassurance, makes you more confident in your powers, and this will reflect in other areas of your life as well. The others will notice you more, now that you have something to be proud of. This will give you reasons to continue and to expand the habit of setting objectives to other fields such as work, school, sports or art. The feedback effect works like an avalanche, becoming bigger and bigger: the more confident you are, the more you attract wealth and happiness, then the wealthier and happier you are, the more confident you become.
It is just a matter of self-discipline to keep yourself on this ascendant path of attaining higher and higher objectives, to get from being posted on the first page of a website to a multi-millionaire businessman.

I know that self-discipline is not as simple as that, but this is another story. You are welcome to come back for more stories on this issue.