Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Sleep disorders are more frequent that you’d think. Many of you know how frustrating is not being able to fall asleep. Gazing at the alarm clock every half hour, turning around and counting sheep to get rid of the naughty thoughts that would keep you awake… And all those noises that you can’t even notice during daytime are now amplified and very disturbing. I’m not even mentioning here the snoring of your bedroom partner!

For this last trouble, I have only few tricks to share:

  1. get some ear plugs if you can bear them overnight
  2. get a separate bedroom
  3. get to sleep before he does
  4. get another bed partner

As for the rest of your sleeping troubles, yes, I tried several tricks that worked fine for me, either one at a time or in combinations. Indeed, I don’t suffer from major sleep disorders to make me seek for medical help, but some of you may be in this situation. Doctors can help, so I’d say you should go and finally be able to get some night rest.
The best one, which I used for several years with great results, is to practice a relaxation technique when going to bed. Most of the times I did not even have enough time to finish the procedure before falling asleep. For the ones interested in this, you might want to know that there are may techniques of relaxation. I have chosen the autogenic training: JH Schultz’ relaxation method. This is a state of self-induced slight trance brought on by the use of auto suggestive techniques, which eventually lead to physical and mental relaxation. How to do it? I’ll describe it very briefly, as I’m sure that many books on this subject are available.

– First, you have to make yourself comfortable
– Breathe slow and deep while saying to yourself things like “I’m calm”, “I’m like a big, calm lake”.
– Try to induce yourself the feeling that your body is very heavy, piece by piece, starting for instance with your right arm: “my right arm is heavy”, “my right arm is as heavy as stone”, then move to your left arm, then to your feet and so on.
– Next you induce yourself the sensation of heat, organ by organ, starting again with your right arm: “my right arm is hot” and so on.
– Next you focus on to the face area, with statements such as “I feel my face relaxed”, “My facial muscles are very relaxed”, “My forehead is neat”.

Now you should be feeling like paralyzed, like the slightest movement you would want to make was very difficult. You now enjoy this state of relaxation thinking at something that makes you pleasure (laying on the beach at sunset, relaxing on a nice green meadow, …).

If you are not already sleeping by now, try it again over a few more nights, then come back to my page to see the other tips and tricks to get asleep, or to diminish the symptoms of sleep disorders which can prevent you from living a normal life.