Last Updated on April 20, 2020

Many cats owners keep their cats indoors all the time. Even cat breeders recommend that, but everybody ignores the sad, long looks an indoor cat is throwing at the windows. Still there is hope for the poor little kittens longing for the fresh air outside their home: going out in a leash. If you ever tried to firmly hold a cat when she does not want to be held, then you know that you need to give your lovely pet a leash-training.

Here you can find the 10 reasons why you should consider leash-training of your cat, together with a video demonstrating the results of such a training:

10. Your cat won’t get run over
9. You won’t find rodent guts on your carpets
8. They won’t get into fights
7. They won’t pick up any diseases
6. You can keep them away from tall grass that hides ticks
5. They won’t choke on splintered songbird bones
4. It will get you away from the internet for a few minutes
3. Cats are fascinated by the outdoors
2. Your cat won’t be drinking auto and garden chemicals
1. To impress your friends