How do you call in English the sound of a chicken which has just laid an egg and is happy to announce it to the whole courtyard?

In Romanian, this sound is something like “Kotkodak”… funny… in Romanian… as if Romanian chickens would ever need to learn English to speak with Londonese chickens… I suppose chickens just have a natural talent for languages, so for them it’s easier.

OK. So, chickens kotkodak because they want to share their effort’s result with their peers.

And they are successful.

This is not a blog about zoology, so you probably ask yourself how does this ChickenStory relate to blogging?

It does more than you think. As a blogger, you can lay great eggs (to be read “have great ideas” or “write great articles”), but if you don’t kotkodak over them (read “write every single day about your achievements”, or “email important & significant bloggers to tell them the great things you’ve just done”), very few of your peers will ever know or care about your precious eggs.

Thus, did the big G reward you with a big, juicy PR? Kotkodak!

Did you write an ebook? Kotkodak!

Did you give an interview to some important other in your niche? Kotkodak!

Please don’t get me wrong. I love chickens and I think their way to let the world know about their biggest achievement is absolutely wonderful. They don’t even care that millions of chickens lay millions of eggs every day. For them, it is an unique event, each and every time. Bloggers are very much alike.

I’m not so much of a “kotkodak” person, but I feel frustrated by all this blogging noise, in which a great initiative I’m proud to be part of got lost. So, this is my kotkodak post to you, and I hope I’ll have the success of other chickens out there:

The Social Media Mega Project

This is a collective group writing project we didn’t kotkodak too much about, and it seems we were wrong. Briefly, we want to collect as many opinions and thoughts about the main social media websites, and we need all bloggers who care about social media to write a post about whatever network they wish, then to submit it to the appropriate host of that part of the project. You have time until March 22nd, and you can read all details here.

Please, contribute. It is very important to us. Besides, one of the group writing projects hosted on Inspiration Bit (the main organizer of this project) got Dugg, and we all got a lot of second-hand traffic from Digg as well. I hear bloggers complaining every day that they don’t know how to get traffic, or that they have the writer’s block.

Come on, my dear fellows, now you have not one idea for a blog post, but a few: if you write about all the networks we study, you’ll be busy for a week. We are waiting!

Later update: I suppose almost all bloggers are busy getting paid to do surveys, as we haven’t heard from too many of them.