Just when I thought I discovered what’s missing from the internet, I found out my idea has already been done. To start with the beginning, it all started when my best friend said she wanted to find some of her school mates for the 25 years after graduation reunion. Those people were not on Facebook, they were not on LinkedIn, they were nowhere to be found online. The means of finding people who don’t have social network profiles are next to zero, at least so we imagined. So, just when we thought we found the Holy Grail, the missing piece from the online puzzle, I came across a website which promised not only to find any person, but to show you who’s searching for you online.

The Zip code database at MyLife.com is probably huge. I typed in a few friends of mine and I got a result each and every time. Then I searched for myself. After a few seconds of retrieving information from the internet, a profile of myself was displayed on the screen. I was curious to see what they had about me so I clicked on the profile. Nothing was revealed, I was invited to sign up in order to be able to access the information. So I did. The profiles are visible only for paying members. I chose not to pay, although the fees were quite small. I didn’t have an urge to find somebody, so I was happy with the access to services for free members.

What you can do in MyLife when you’re not looking for people from your past

The website features a dashboard enabling you to manage all your communications from one place. You connect your Twitter, your Facebook, your AOL, your Yahoo and your Gmail account, then you can check them all at once, read and reply to messages without having to leave the site. This is pretty cool, if you are addicted to a few of those services.

Another thing you can do is browse a list of people organized by zip codes. If you want more than the name, however, you need to go for one of the paid memberships.

If you are single and bore, you can try their Quick Match Singles service. You take a short quiz, then you are presented a list of matches. This service is for people living in America only.

Anyway, I’ll tell my friend about MyLife.com, maybe she manages to find her colleagues. I hope she does. I’ll be back to tell you the story.