My nephew, Alex, is passionate about computer games. Not only he plays them, but he has also built a game which he’s very proud of. The name of his game is Dungeon Plague and it’s a FPS (First Person Shooter). It’s based on Unreal Engine 3. He worked for quite a while on his game, perhaps for one year or even more. A few weeks ago he has released the first version of the game. You can watch the trailer on YouTube, if you’re interested. I’ll embed it in this post as well, after I get more details from Alex.

Earlier this month he started promoting his game, but he didn’t find too much interest from big gaming websites. They said women are their main audience, therefore couldn’t include Dungeon Plague, which is definitely a boy’s game. I believe they were right: I tried to play it, but didn’t get as much excitement as I’d get from strategy games like Age of Empires or Pharaoh, or even from little, cute Flash games which one can play online for free.

Briefly, Alex is now wondering where to find his target audience. He joined a few gaming forums, he made a list of websites that offer games like his one, he wrote them emails and he’s now waiting to see some results. How would you promote a product like this? Here’s what I’d do if it were my game:

  • Offer the Beta version for free, in order to get as much feedback from real players as possible
    Advertise the free version on all big gaming forums
  • Give the game to all my friends, invite them to play it and ask them about their experience
  • Make a dedicated website where to post not only the download files, but also screenshots, trailers, walk-throughs
  • Build a dedicated discussion forum for the game on my website and invite all players to co-operate
  • Fix all bugs and add improvements as suggested by the received feedback, then release the final version and offer it for a very low price in the beginning
  • Send a copy of the game to all major gaming magazines and ask for a review

I’d like to help Alex somehow, therefore I thought to ask you, my readers, what’s your favourite game. Maybe together we can make a list of preferences to help him focus his future efforts. I love to see young people so passionate about things, you know?

Hey, and if you want to play Dungeon Plague or other games made by Alex, just drop me a line in the comments and I’ll see that you get a copy 🙂