pac-man-191110-mHave you ever heard the saying “games for receptionists” when talking about online arcade type games or board games? This may sound funny, but when your work is to sit all day long on a chair and wait for people to come in or for the phone to ring, you need to do something to make the time pass faster. Of course, you can always read a book, but that requires focusing, so it’s easier to just find some cool games and try your skills at shooting ducks or your luck at playing slots or poker.

Types of Games People Play

Many companies allow their employees to play online games or use social networks in their spare time at work, provided that they do their job properly. If I think about my former work places, I remember most receptionists loved to play Miniclip type games. They were able to let letters or bombs drop on the screen and form words for hours without showing any signs of boredom. One of them was a big fan of Sokoban, the game that provoked so many people from my generation to think. I still smile when I remember the little guy pushing crates in those mazes, hoping to place them in the right position.

People in the research and IT departments were rather fans of strategy games. Electronic Arts was the company of choice, as their games were extremely popular and highly interactive. This was also one of my favorites. It’s funny that, many years after I stopped playing, I became addicted again with a game called Plants vs. Zombies. The surprise was that EA was the producer of the game. It seems I like their style, that’s why I’m always attracted to their games.

My colleagues in the marketing department were rather inclined towards entertainment like this free cleopatra slot game. Actually most people I knew tried to find and play only free games online. It took a long time before they discovered paid games you can play in the network with players from all over the world like Warcraft or Heroes of Might and Magic.

Now I have this question for you: have you ever played computer games at work? If the answer is yes, can you tell me what kind of games were your favorites?