Your website is useless if there are no eyes seeing it; and making it more visible to lots of people may or may not help your ROI. In order to make the most of your time and money, what you need is targeted traffic. You want specific visitors on your site, not just to increase web site traffic for the sake of it. After you attract potential customers, you need to give them products to view, evaluate and hopefully buy. However, that’s another issue. In today’s article, we are going to focus only on getting targeted traffic to your website. Here are my tips for you, and hopefully you’ll come back here and comment, telling me how much your traffic has increased as a consequence following my advice.

1. Do keyword research for the main topic of your site. A good tool for estimating search volumes is the Keyword Estimation Tool for Google. It is free and very easy to use. Make a list of 10-20 keywords which have the most amount of estimated traffic, then use them in your articles.

2. Write long articles. The more you write, the more chances you have that people will find you on Google for various searches. This is not to say you should write nonsense to space. Always make a point and give useful information to your readers.

3. Join one or two social networks and be active. Being active doesn’t only mean making lots of friends. It also means giving them interesting information, helping them and socializing with them on a daily basis.

4. Join the most important discussion forums in your niche. Try to establish yourself as a specialist. If you’re good, people will follow you. They will visit your site, they will subscribe to your newsletter, they will even buy your products. Being an established specialist usually pays off.

5. Join Quora. It is a great source for knowledge and has huge traffic. Use it to your advantage. Find questions related to your articles, answer them and leave a link for people to be able to read more about the respective topic on your page.

I can’t promise you heaps of traffic, but you’ll definitely see an improvement if you follow these tips. I’m using them myself and they work pretty well.