Gambling is quite thrilling and entertaining, the prospect of winning huge sums of money and potentially walking home a millionaire keeps most gamblers going. However, despite all that, those who ultimately win huge sums of money or become millionaires from gambling are the few, the majority find themselves having to deal with losing their hard earned money. Though most casino games are determined by chance, some, however, do require some level of skill and also some unconventional ‘mojo’ or superstitions for you to win. Whether you are playing at an online casino such as or you are in a land-based casino, you need to keep the following tips and tricks as they will definitely help improve your luck.


The Chinese are revered for their superstitious beliefs and one such belief is that red is a lucky colour which brings you luck. This also applies to casinos. It’s therefore important that you take heed of this Chinese belief on your next casino trip as it might just help in improving your luck. Don’t worry about what the other gamblers will say if possible wear red from top to bottom and if there are red chairs at the table, why not go and sit in that chair. After all, once you win the million, you aren’t going to see most of the folks in the casino, the same applies to one playing at an online casino. Wear your red before sitting on your PC and to try your casino luck and remember to sip your drink from a red mug.

‘Lady Luck’

You probably have had this phrase but to you, it was just an expression. Well, don’t take it as just an expression as it can transcend from the figurative to the literal once you walk into a casino. Superstition has it that a beautiful woman especially one who hasn’t been in a casino before or who haven’t played casino games brings luck. This means when you are in the casino and there is a beautiful lady who is making her first casino experience, you need to take the initiative and ask her where you should place a bet or roll your dice as you just might benefit from the charm and influence of the literal ‘lady luck’.

Turn on the lights

Remember that time in church when the pastor said something along these lines, light is good and darkness is bad. It might just have been a biblical reference to another heavenly story but the same is true when it comes to gambling if we consider Chinese superstition. Chinese superstition states that light brings you luck and when you head to the casino, you need to turn on the lights for the duration of your casino trip. If it means spending the night at the casino, then the whole night your home’s lights should be turned on. The same is true when you play during the day, do not be worried about what the neighbours will say when they see your lights turned on during the day or the electricity bill as you stand to gain more from the casino adventure than what you would save on the electricity bill by switching your lights off and also your ‘luck’ off.