Group writing projectsOne of the things I liked very much when I started blogging (and I still like it) was to participate in Group Writing Projects. It was good for my traffic, good for finding great people and their blogs, and good for getting ideas for the topics of my articles.

More than once, I was so sorry to find out about a group writing project when it was already too late to participate. Then I said to myself that’s because I don’t use a feed reader. So, I evolved, I subscribed to a ton of blogs, I read my feeds every day, but I still missed the participation in a good one, because it was on a blog I was not subscribed to yet.

Now, there’s a better solution: has just launched, and it aims to become the premier source of information for group writing projects on the internet.

Stop searching for projects to participate in. is now doing the digging, so you can spend more time writing.

Launched by Share Select Media, will hopefully fill in a gap in the internet landscape, by offering bloggers a place where to track such projects and to learn more about how to organize them or how to participate to them, in order to get the maximum effect for their blogs.

If you are too shy to participate in group writing projects, just remember that only persons who are really nice organize them. You’ll never see somebody who “floats” above all poor blogging humans, in the high spheres of internet success, organizing a group project or hosting a blog carnival.

They are too good to be true… so they have to be false 🙂

So be sure your articles are highly wanted by the group projects organizers, and subscribe to the Group Writing Projects feed, so you can stay informed.