What do you do when you want a new WordPress theme for your blog and you don’t want to pay for it? I’ll tell you what I used to do: I used to search the web for free themes, then customize them to fit my website. This is how I got to this blog’s theme: I tweaked a free one.

Earlier this year I started another interesting project, which I want all of you to benefit from. I started my own free WordPress themes collection: WPThemesGalore.com. I only have six themes for now, but I’m planning to add more. Almost all of them are built with HTML5 and Boilerplate, which means that they are awesome in terms of code. Well, Boilerplate is pretty awesome, sites and applications built on it are fast, robust and adaptable. If you look on the Boilerplate website, you can see that even NASA, Microsoft and Barack Obama use it.

Here are some of my free themes. For the rest, please visit my website mentioned above.

Shades of Gray

shades of gray themeThis was the first theme I made. It was before discovering Boilerplate, therefore it’s the only one which is not built on it. Even so, it’s still a very good theme, it is fast and clean, perfect for showcasing lots of photos. I’d choose it for a photography blog or for a cooking website. It is also suitable for business websites: just use pages, not posts in WordPress and make it look more like a common website than a blog. I can help you if you want, just drop me a comment and we can discuss various options. If you only need little tweaks, I can help you for free. For more substantial changes, I’m available for hire.

Twin Kittens

twinkittensAs the name suggests, this theme works best for a site about cats. This is a HTML5 Boilerplate theme. It is responsive. This means it adapts to the size of your screen and to your device. It will look different on a big computer screen, on an iPad or on an iPhone. It adapts to the device, in order to provide maximum of comfort and usability.

If you like it but you don’t want to write about a cat, you can easily change the background to something appropriate to your site’s theme. Don’t you know how to do it? Just ask me!

Restless Traveler

screenshotThis theme is also based on HTML5 and Boilerplate. I am using a customization of it on my personal blog. I made some changes in order to have it look the way I needed. I like the sidebar to be on the right side, therefore I changed it. I wanted a special type of posts to have a different layout: there is a section named Travel Photo of the Day, where I publish my coolest photos with barely any text. I wanted those images to be BIG because I love them and I want my readers to love them, too.

Which of these themes do you like most? Would you use any of them for your websites? I’m happy to have your feedback and to see my themes downloaded a lot.