Everyone loves a T-shirt, but selling yours means you have to come up with an idea for a shirt that people will want to wear on a regular basis. The good news is that many of the ideas that will help you to sell shirts have already been thought up. Taking advantage of different trends in the marketplace allows you to sell more shirts without betting the farm on an idea you came up with on your own. Following a trend is one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re going to sell shirts. Here are a few trends you can get on board with right now that will help you to sell as many shirts as you want.

Go Green to Sell More Shirts

tshirtsThe green trend is not going anywhere any time soon. People are more willing to make a purchase based on the knowledge that the purchase will go to help with a green initiative, or simply that their purchase helps to show off their dedication to being green. If you’ve been thinking about how to make t shirts, consider coming up with a graphic that announces the wearer is involved in a green initiative. A good example of a catchy slogan to encompass this idea is “this shirt is a future car cleaning rag.” Anything that shows the wearer intends to not only wear the shirt for a long period of time, but will repurpose the shirt afterwards, is a good idea when looking to sell more shirts.

Hawaiian Print Shirts Are Flashy and Fun

It used to be that a prerequisite for any beach vacation was to purchase a Hawaiian shirt. This vacation trend has fallen by the wayside in recent years, but now the trend is to wear these flashy shirts as a part of regular fashion. The modern day hipsters like to wear anything they consider to be ironic, so a Hawaiian print shirt falls squarely into this category. When you’re creating a shirt using this kind of design, you may want to include a graphic that pokes fun at the very design of the shirt. This announces to everyone who sees the shirt that the wearer is being ironic by wearing the flashy shirt. This is a very hip trend, but it is not likely to last for very long. The best-selling Hawaiian-style print shirts include one solid color and a single color overlay. White is generally the color for the overlay.

Being Novel Is a Design That Sells

Novelty shirts are highly popular right now. These include everything from outdated cultural references to long dead band names. Even old political campaign slogans have been identified as a good idea for how to make t shirts that will sell. The best way to present the novelty shirt is to have the graphic be the centerpiece of the shirt. Having the shirt itself in a solid color with the graphic in the center of the shirt will help the graphic to stand out even more. When making a graphic for an outdated shirt slogan or band name, it has become quite popular to make the graphic itself faded. This makes the shirt appear as something the wearer has possessed for decades. The well from which you can draw on for these types of T-shirts is seemingly unlimited in potential. There are so many classic sources of ideas for you to draw upon that you should never run out of ideas.

Seasonal Shirts Are Always Popular

T-shirts were originally sold to the public as undershirts or shirts to be worn during the summer. These days, T-shirts are worn practically year round. The idea is to come up with a cadre of shirts for every season. Beach scene shirts are highly popular. To create seasonal shirts, think about the types of activities people enjoy doing during that season and then create shirts with scenes of these kinds of activities on them. Make sure the color of the shirt itself conveys the season. Summer scenes are best with bright colors or white. Winter scenes are best with darker colors or black.

You can even combine trends by incorporating outdated, or vintage, graphics with seasonal shirts. These are popular with a growing section of the public. By staying in tune with the current trends in the marketplace, you can develop T-shirt ideas with sales potential. You don’t have to go to the fashion shows to find out what the latest trends are. All of the information you need is available to you through magazines and on the Internet. Make sure you’re constantly checking in on these trends so you won’t ever get behind the times. This will help you to prevent losing money on an outdated idea.