When I was a child, electronics projects were something many kids enjoyed. I loved them! I still remember my first radio, built from a special kit. After working to put all those pieces together, after carefully soldering all those tiny parts on the printed circuit board, after wiring the battery case, I was so excited to hear some music. Yet, nothing happened. That was sad. I checked and re-checked everything, and I was sure I did everything the right way. I was stuck. My parents were also disappointed, because what they thought to be an awesome present for their daughter turned out to be my biggest source of frustration and tears. I was too little to curse at that time, but I sure spilled a good share of tears over that radio assembly project.

One of my father’s friends, who was an electronics specialist, looked at my work and decided the main board had a mistake, so it probably should have gone to a pcb production company to redesign the circuits properly. As the kit had been expensive enough, pcb production was out of the question, not to mention that in those days everything belonged to the state, so there were no private enterprises to go to. Things were produced in huge factories that didn’t work with small customers like myself. Luckily, my dad’s friend managed to finds a workaround, changed some transistors or something, and fixed my radio.

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