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10 Must-Have iPad Accessories

10 Must-Have iPad Accessories

Special May 2012 update: Memorial Day comes with 50% off for many ZAGG products, so now it's the best time to buy those accessories you always wanted but didn't quite afford. Click on the banner below to go to the discount page: Not long after the sound launch of the...

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New WordPress Themes Directory

If you are in need of new Wordpress themes and you don't want to pay for custom ones, now you can check out our new free Wordpress themes directory,, where you can try different blog templates to see how they fit your blog. For the time being,...

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New WordPress Theme Released: Do You Like It?

You probably know already about the new make money online blog Diana and I have started less than two months ago. Although the name is a bit misleading, people who read a few articles there know by now that we are not preaching to people that money can be done online...

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Life Tips & Tricks

Sims 2 Pets Cheats Sheet

How many of us, at some stage in life, did not play computer games and even got addicted to some? I surely had my years of glory, chasing enemies in Quake III or in Duke Nukem, trying hard to discover The Secret of Monkey Island, walking in the footsteps of Indiana...

Blog Emotions: 5 positives, 3 negatives

I've been tagged by Vivien, at InspirationBit (don't tell me you don't read it! are you living under a rock on Mars, or what?), to give you my 8 bits of blog emotions: 5 things I enjoy + 3 things I hate. The 5 things I enjoy in blogging: 1. Checking statistics. Don't...

Amazing Trick Contest Winners

Now it's the time to announce the winners of the Amazing Trick contest, which ended on April 30th. Many thanks to those of you who sent their (more or less) lucky guesses, or knowledge bits. Not all of them were correct, but even the wrong ones were rewarded, because...

The Muddy Volcanoes: unique in Europe

Would you like to take some good Martian or Lunar pictures? I’m not sending you to space, don’t worry! There is a spectacular place in Romania, at Berca, nearby Buzau, called the Muddy Volcanoes. This is a natural reservation very scarce in vegetation, where the soil...

Unlimited Photo Storage

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