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I Have Never Shown You My Passiflora

Passiflora is one of the most beautiful flowers I know. It is quite difficult to grow inside, because it is an exterior plant and it belongs to a warmer climate. More than one month is necessary for a button to turn into a flower, and the flowers last only for one...

Pico Sim Date 2 Cheats

Have you ever played a sim date rpg game? If you did, then you know how much you can get addicted to the adventures of your little (or big) hero, in his quest to charm all girls in the virtual space. Pico Sim Date 2 is based on a simple story: The bad guy, called...

Do You Like Ping Pong? Play It On Your Door!

While browsing the net for fun, I discovered the Ping Pong Door, which reminded me of my childhood, when I used to play ping pong with my brother on the dining table, causing our mother to go crazy. If we only had such a door, like this one designed by Tobias Franzel,...

Bring Your Screensaver To Life In 11 Steps

With IT stuff going cheaper every day, there is no wonder that people started to find alternative uses for their old equipment, like offering it as a prize in blog contests. If you don't know what to do with your ancient CRT monitor, here's an idea: turn it into a...

What Happens When Three Is Almost Enough: Go Irrational!

Lots of pages could be written about the magic of number three. Either bad or good, the "three" was with humankind in one way or another, even from the very beginning. However, in one single case, Mother Nature fooled our number three, making it a little bit too small...

Unlimited Photo Storage

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