One of my cousins is living in the US. She is happy that she left Europe. I asked her why and she said that life is better in the US and besides, there are great places to visit and possibilities for traveling, that she has no regrets for leaving behind all Europe’s beautiful and old cities and monuments. When she told me about the Miami Seaquarium, I understood what she meant. We also have a Seaquarium in the country, but it is rather a joke: there are very few aquariums and very few fish in them, compared to the abundance of marine creatures she described to me.

Now my cousin is planning a trip to Las Vegas, and I’m already jealous on the things she’s going to see there. Look no further than the Latest Las Vegas Hotel Packages which you can find if you do a web search, and you’ll discover so many places to stay and so many things to do in Las Vegas, that will increase your appetite for a vacation there, too.

If you like to be guided when visiting, you can always opt for the sightseeing tours which are designed with the tourist in mind, so you can visit all important objectives in one place. I’m rather the go by myself and take my time type of tourist, so I like to go on individual trips and do whatever I discover on the spot. If you are not like me, Trusted Tours & Attractions can offer you discounted sightseeing tours for 23 American cities. They also have a special offer for people who sign up for the Trusted Travels newsletter: there is a possibility to win a handheld GPS, so you can find your way easily in your travels. You know, one of those cobra gps systems which are so cool. Take care, this offer expires April 30th 2008.