The so long awaited for iPhone 4 came with a surprise: unexpected call drops due to signal losses when the user touched a certain zone on the stainless steel frame of the phone which also serves as antenna.

Here are a few solutions that will fix your iPhone 4 antenna problems:

Apple’s antenna fixes

Despite the fact that Steve Jobs of Apple believes media emphasizes too much an issue which occurs in any other smartphone as well, Apple’s decision is to give away free bumpers or cases for iPhone owners who ask for them. People who have already bought bumpers from Apple will be refunded. This offer is valid until September 30th.

ZAGG’s solutions

ZAGG came up with two variants of protective strips for the stainless steel band: one is the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD and the other one ZAGGskin. Each of these can either be bought together with the regular ZAGG products or separately, should you only want to fix the antenna, but don’t want to pay for full iPhone body coverage.

Buy a case for your iPhone 4

There are a lot of iPhone 4 cases that will do the trick. If you don’t mind using your iPhone in a case, then you can take a look at this list I’ve put together in a previous post.

Get one of these crazy solutions:

This is a funny one, I loved the iHand with the Apple logo on it and the iTape, which is a must-see if you want to have some fun for today:

Did you get an iPhone 4 yet? If so, have you experienced any problems with the antenna? Apple officials stated that only 5 out of 1000 iPhone 4 users complained to their service staff about the reception quality and that less than 2% of them decided to return the phone.