Frozen – Elsa Deluxe Child

I read the other day that adults had stolen Halloween from children and that everybody over 20 years of age should refrain from celebrating. I don’t see why adults can’t celebrate Halloween and how by doing this they steal the holiday from children. Anyway, I chose a few cute costumes for infants and toddlers, to give you some ideas, in case you needed them. You can buy any of the costumes by clicking on it. I’m not selling them, I’m only the middleman, but you’ll land on the vendor’s website and you won’t have to pay any extra fee for my service. If you want to see all infant and toddler costumes that are new for Halloween 2015, click here. If you only want to see my selection, just read further.

Despicable Me – Minion Dave – Toddler

Despicable Me is appreciated by children and adults alike all over the world. This is one of the cutest costumes you could pick for your minions this year :).

Frozen - Olaf - Child 4-6

Even psychologists recommend parents to have their children watch Frozen, as it has a high educational and social value. Halloween is the perfect occasion to bring those characters to life and reconstruct the story in a modern environment.

Darth Vader Infant Costume

With the new Star Wars movie just around the corner, it’s time to dress your sweeties as those beloved characters. Well, maybe Darth Vader is not your best favorite, but if you follow that link, you can discover everybody esle waiting for you. Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Luke and the rest of the gang are happy to come to your home.

Playful Pony

Your little one will steal everyone’s hearts in this playful pony costume. Everyone loves ponies, so this could be a good idea to dress up your baby this year. If you want other cute animal costumes, just click on the pony photo and you’ll see the whole gallery of costumes straight on the vendor’s website.

Pretty Little Pirate Infant Girl

This is not your everyday girl costume. She’s going to look fearless in this nice outfit, so put it on your shopping list.


Skele-Baby Bunting

Skeletons are among the most popular costumes for both adults and children. Now you can put your toddler in this sweet, little bunting skeleton and invite all your friends and family to take photos together. The more skeletons you can gather, the merrier.


Baby Spider Infant Costume

Are you afraid of spiders? You’re going to love this one for sure. It is even possible you might find a cure for your arachnophobia.

I love these cute little costumes! Luckily I don’t have children, otherwise they might have been in danger of wearing Halloween costumes all year round 🙂