I thought faxing was already obsolete these days, when we can scan and email all kinds of documents. However, a couple of days ago I needed to learn how to fax, because that was the only desired form of communication of a company I had to send an official paper. The only alternative to faxing being the snail mail, which I hate because of those immense lines of people waiting in post offices, I decided not to buy a fax machine but to discover how to fax using the internet.

How to fax to US or Canada for free

It took me less than 10 minutes to discover how to fax for free in the US and Canada without using a fax machine: use the Interpage free fax service or FaxZero free fax. I’ve tested the FaxZero website and it worked. I was able to attach my scanned document as a pdf file.

How To Fax Using a Fax Modem

Do you remember the times when we used to connect to the internet via dial-up lines? Many people are still using these services in many places of the world. The computer device which makes connection possible is the fax modem, and as the name shows, it also has the ability to send faxes, using the telephone line connected to it. All you need is a faxing software, which in the case of Windows XP is included in the operating system and you can make it work by following simple how to fax instructions.

In the case of a fax modem, once you set up the faxing module in the computer you can both send and receive faxes easily. This is not free of charge, you’ll have to pay the phone call bill.

Although it was not so difficult to learn how to fax, I still prefer emails, as they are much faster and more convenient. Faxis is for me pretty much like digital television conversion: I still don’t know why is it useful.