brainstormingWho didn’t hear of PayPerPost, the service which offers bloggers opportunities to write paid posts? I heard about it some time ago, but it was not available to me because of their exclusive PayPal payment option, which was denied for Romania until a few weeks ago.

If you are a blogger and you use PayPerPost, you probably know what I’m going to tell you now. If you didn’t join them yet, you may find this story interesting, in terms of expectations and amount of time required for the money you are going to get.

Before going into details, I want to tell you a story about Perestroika, the Russian reform initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev, Russia’s former president.

In Gorbachev’s time, in Russia, there was this eagle, flying backwards, very relaxed, very satisfied with his new way of flying. The fox sees him and asks him why is he flying backwards.

“I’m doing Perestroika”, the eagle replied, “and it feels so good, that you definitely should give it a try, too!”

The fox thinks it’s a good idea and starts running backwards. Unfortunately, she gets stuck with her butt in a bear’s shelter. The bear was at home, and without too much thinking, he started f…ing the fox, until she fainted.

The next day, the fox meets the eagle again.

“Hey, foxy, did you try Perestroika, as I told you yesterday?” asks the eagle, smiling.

“Please go away! This Perestroika may be a good thing there, in your heights. Here on Earth, we still call it a f..k!”

Now, about the time required to make $5 with PayPerPost:

Step 1 (5 minutes): I signed up. The process was easy. I also submitted my blog.

Step 2 (2 minutes): I get an e-mail informing me that my blog was rejected, because it does not have an “Archives” page in cronological order, so they cannot determine how old it is.

Step 3 (20 minutes): Although I don’t wanna have an “Archives” page, I make it, I include it and mess up my menu bar items, then I resubmit my blog.

Step 4 (30 minutes): A couple of days later, my blog is accepted, and I choose an open opportunity to review, not because of the $5, but just because I was in the mood to review something that night. Besides, I really liked the products those people were selling on their site. With this occasion I discovered that with PayPerPost opportunities you cannot rely on the Timestamp feature too much, because you have only six hours from the moment you accept an opportunity, until submitting your entry.

Step 5 (2 minutes): Three days later, I get an email informing me that my post was rejected, because my blog’s homepage displays only an excerpt of it, and this is not OK.

Step 6 (5 minutes): Although I wanted my homepage to display only excerpts of my last 6 posts, I change it to display full posts, only for the sake of PayPerPost, and I resubmit my post.

Step 7 (2 minutes): The next day, I get another rejection e-mail, informing me that my post cannot be accepted because I have Google AdSense ads between the post title and the content.

Step 8 (2 minutes): Although I want that AdSense block to stay exactly in that position, because it is the result of 6 months of playing with placements, I remove AdSense from that post and resubmit it again.

Total time until this step: 1 hour +.

Total time frame: 2 weeks 😆

Did I make the 5 bucks? Not yet. It seems that you need some skills I lack, to be able to fly backwards, the PayPerPost style.

Why do I feel like the fox in my story?

Later update: I was just informed that my post has been approved. The most funny part of the message was something like “now tell your friends how quick and easy it was”.