There’s a practice for many bloggers to publish once a week a collection of their favourite links for the past week.

I’m usually not doing that, and it is not going to become a habit, but today I came across two blog posts which made me laugh with tears (or LMAO, for those who know what this means).

The first one was a video post (what do you think: if a video blog is a vlog, a video post is a vpost or a vost, or what?), featuring Mark from 45n5, I Love Affiliate Video Bloggers. I came across it while reading Vic’s Blogger Unleashed. He warmly recommended it, and I agree, it is so funny, that I’m almost convinced I should start vlogging, too.

The second one closely relates to one of my former posts, Why Do Chickens Kotkodak, and I’m still laughing as I’m typing now, because it seems that some of us not only kotkodak, but also lay eggs within our blog posts. It is a contest organized by Caroline Middlebrook on her blog, inviting her readers to find the 30 eggs she’s going to lay on some of her blog posts, before the Easter. Although Caroline writes about making money online, those are not golden eggs. The prize for your hunt will be a copy of the StumbleUpon course Caroline is writing for enlightening those of you who are not so skilled at stumbling.

Hey, isn’t it hilarious, this blogging? I just love it!