I just came across a topic which I only thought possible in James Bond movies: cell phone spying. My first thought was that it’s horrible. Then I encountered a different opinion: there was a parent who thought mobile spy technology could actually be a life saver for naive children who could get in trouble if they do things without parental supervision. Another person who stated such software was useful was a business owner, happy to be able to monitor how her employees behaved during client meetings. While I don’t have a problem with being aware of the employee behavior, I believe they are entitled to know their boss is watching their every move. It’s not an awesome way of managing a team either, but at least it’s not sneaky like spying on people without their knowledge.

It seems it’s not difficult at all to get this spying thing up and running. You buy a special software, which as far as my research shows, can be as cheap as $39, you install it on the cell phone you want to spy on, you restart the phone and you’re good to go. All text messages and voice calls are tracked and recorded. You can access the data by logging into a special website provided to you by the software vendor. Depending on how much you choose to pay, you can even get the GPS position of the phone at all times, so you know precisely where its owner is. The program operates in stealth mode, which means it can’t be detected even if you browse through the apps currently running on your phone. There’s even a possibility to listen to and record phone surroundings. It’s like you were wearing a microphone on you round the clock. Well, maybe if you don’t take the phone with you to the bathroom, there’s at least one area where your privacy is still intact.

If you think you’re smarter than the person who’d spy on you, find out that those vendors offer complete privacy for the buyer. A purchase like this won’t appear on your bill as such, so no member of your family or employee could accidentally come across this piece of information.

What’s your take on mobile phone spying? Would you use it?

Can one spy on their family members, friends or employees just like that? Is it moral or immoral? Is it an intrusion in the privacy of your beloved ones or simply a method to make sure nothing bad would happen to them? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below, so please, tell us what you think.