Life is funny sometimes. At least, that’s how it is for me. For instance, I’ve been looking for jobs recently and I had the surprise to be invited to interviews for openings which I never thought I was an excellent fit for. I only applied because they were remotely connected to my studies or work experience, but never thought I was going to get an interview.

Looking through those openings, I noticed one for selling truck scales. I sold many things in my days, so I figured out I could learn something about truck scales before applying, just to make sure I can be excellent at my job, in the event I get it. I found this website I linked you to and I discovered several features which can be presented as benefits to potential customers. For example, truck scales which have no moving parts will result in a very long trouble free operation life. This happens because such scales won’t wear out due to adjusting or moving elements. Another interesting feature is the presence of sealed load cells, which means the scales will operate even in rough weather conditions.

I found all the information above on the Floor Scales Direct website. I was particularly interested in truck scales, but I also discovered interesting facts about other devices such as livestock weighing scales, pallet weighing products, price computing scales or crane scales. My first job ever was in metrology, the science of measurement. I was qualified in length measurement and electric measurements, but I’m also interested in weight measurement. Last time I took my cat to the vet, they weighed her by simply having her stand on a platform, just like the ones I saw now on Floor Scales Direct. It was amazingly easy and not stressful for the cat, much better than the previous scales which were so small that I was always afraid my cat will manage to run away from and make us chase her through the building.