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How to Give a Cat a Pill in 7 Steps

How to Give a Cat a Pill in 7 Steps

Do you know how to give a cat a pill? If you've ever needed to feed your cat medicines, you probably know that there's no one-fits-all recipe for success. Now I know how to feed my cat tablets without any fuss, but it took me some good practice before managing to do...

Amazing cat clicker training results

What is clicker training Clicker training is a positive-reinforcement-based system of training. Animals are more likely to repeat a behavior which resulted in pleasure. The clicker is used to create a bridge connection between the desired behavior and the reward. So...

10 reasons to leash train your cat

Many cats owners keep their cats indoors all the time. Even cat breeders recommend that, but everybody ignores the sad, long looks an indoor cat is throwing at the windows. Still there is hope for the poor little kittens longing for the fresh air outside their home:...

How to wash your cat in 13 steps

This post opens the “what you can do with a cat” series, which is going to run here, at All Tips And Tricks, over the next few days. Since I’ve got myself a cute, little kitten, I started to look deeper into pet care and training. I did not succeed to train her on...

What is your personal DNA?

While using StumbleUpon today, I came across an interesting online test called Personal DNA. I took the test and I found the result quite accurate (at least, according to my impression about myself). From the site: "We've developed a new kind of personality test which...

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